Some of the topics addressed in the course


    If you grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s and were anywhere near a church, you probably experienced some element of the Purity Culture movement. For some, it was a great success, for others, it left a skewed perspective of sexuality and gave false promises of what married life would be like.


    There is great confusion about the nature of freedom. The culture says one thing and the church another. Sadly, most young people have adopted a secular view of freedom rather than a biblical one. Sean McDowell addresses these conflicting views and how the culture’s perspective not only fails the Christian, but everyone.


    The problem of porn. It has permeated our culture and affects our children at younger and younger ages. We know it's there, but how do we handle it in our own homes and churches?


    What's right? What's wrong? What does sexual freedom really look like in the eyes of the culture vs. the Bible?

  • LOVE

    What is Love? And why is everyone in our culture throughout history chasing love?


    The sex-ed course that doesn't include uncomfortable chats, diagrams or graphic videos!

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