Your gift to the OCC Scholarship Fund will not only bless one life, its benefits can ripple through the entire Body of Christ for decades and generations to come as our students go forth and share what they have learned!

This past year we were able to offer scholarships to eleven worthy students from around the world who are taking their knowledge and bringing it back into the Christian community. 

Read how just one student is multiplying this gift:

     "....Everything about this experience was so good and I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn this material. This class has been a growth experience for me, and I have been using the things I've learned here in the two classes I teach and the sermons I've preached over the last few weeks. I hope to use this material to teach a class centered on Apologetics at my church. We already use Dr. Turek's curriculum on "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" to teach our kids at home, and I'm eager to bring this material to the adults in my church as well. Thank you all so much for letting me participate in this! It's been such a gift! God bless you and your families!" 

Jesse Ciccone