Progressive Christianity can be persuasive and enticing, but carried out to its logical end, it is an assault on the foundational framework of Christianity, leaving it disarmed of its saving power. We shouldn’t be surprised to find some of these ideas infiltrating our churches. Jesus warned us, “Watch out for false prophets” who “come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” (Matthew 7:15).

   Could you identify the signs of Progressive Christianity if it was creeping in to your church?  Join Alisa as she shows how to answer these tell-tale questions.

  • Is our Bible an accurate copy?

  • Is the Bible really authoritative for our lives?

  • Why are the most prominent figures now in Progressive Christianity women?

  • Is "Deconstruction" a common practice in the Progressive Church?

  • Is Progressive Christianity necessary to keep Christianity relevant with the times?

  • Is Progressive Christianity a movement that is largely informed as a reaction against evangelicalism?

  • Shouldn't we be able to pick and choose which parts of the Bible we want to believe and obey?

Course curriculum

  • 02

    What is Progressive Christianity

  • 03

    What is the Progressive Christian view of the Bible and the cross?

    • Questions to Download

    • Power Point pdfs

    • What is the historic Christian view of the Bible?

    • What is the progressive Christian view of biblical inspiration?

    • What is the progressive Christian view of biblical authority?

    • What was Jesus’ view of Scripture?

    • How do progressive Christians disagree with Jesus about the Cross?

    • Toolbox Resources

    • Answer Key

  • 04

    What is Historic Christianity?

    • Questions to Download

    • PowerPoint pdfs

    • Historic Christian Creeds and Confessions

    • What is Deconstruction

    • A Word on New Testament Canon

    • Second Century Christianity and the Rule of Faith

    • What are the Non-Negotiables of the Gospel?

    • Toolbox Resources

    • Answer Key

  • 05

    The Gospel According to Progressive Christianity

    • Questions to Download

    • PowerPoint pdfs

    • Rachel Held Evans and the Progressive Gospel

    • Brian McLaren and the Progressive Gospel

    • What did Jesus Mean by “The Gospel of the Kingdom?”

    • Progressive Denials of the Historic Gospel

    • Progressive Denials of the Rule of Faith

    • Toolbox Resources

    • Answer Key

  • 06

    A Deep Dive into Deconstruction

    • Questions to Download

    • The Connection Between Postmodernism and Deconstruction

    • The Nature of Truth

    • The Religious Nature of Deconstruction

    • The 6 Pillars of Christian Deconstruction

    • What is the Evangelical Deconstruction Project?

    • Toolbox Resources

    • Answer Key

  • 07

    Cultural Expressions of Progressive Christianity

    • Questions to Download

    • PowerPoint pdfs

    • A Progressive Reading of Adam and Eve

    • Sexual Ethics and Good Fruit vs. Bad Fruit

    • The Progressive Christian Community

    • What are the Signs of Progressive Christianity?

    • Toolbox Resources

    • Answer Key

    • Course Evaluation- Responding to Progressive Christianity SELF-PACED

SELF-PACED Course includes:

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  • 6 hours of Lesson Videos

  • Optional reading ANOTHER GOSPEL by Alisa Childers

  • Downloadable Lesson Questions

  • Online Answer Keys

  • "Toolbox" includes Recommended Resources

  • Online PowerPoint slides

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